A little bit about me

I was born on September 28th, 1992 in Evian in Haute-Savoie (France). As all kids from the area, I started skiing when I was two and a half. I would cry and moan everyday on the way to my ESF ski lessons. When I was 5, I loved to run up and down the aisles of my grandparents’ “Shopi” supermarket. I would not stop saying I wanted to be a Shoppier (a nice nickname I had found to mean a cashier) or to run a hotel just like my grandmother does. I never really thought I would ever fall in love with this sport.

My nickname “Boulie”

It is my father who nicknamed me Boulie after my slightly plump face (“boulotte” in French). I got a spot at the Les Gets ski club when I was 6. By means of perseverance, I won my first competition then got into the Mont Blanc Comité (an association which prepare youngsters to become professional skiers). My coach Angélique Molaz soon realized I needed to persist at the sport because she thought I had real potential. Then I decided to leave school in order to fully dedicate myself to my sport and join the Reserve French team.

Becoming a professional skier

After finishing at the top of the European Cup ranks in 2013, I was officially part of the A group in giant slalom. I was then present at the start of all World Cup giant slaloms and a few slaloms. My next goal for this 2015 season is now to move up in the ranks and bibs before joining the word’s best female skiers in my field in order to reach the top of the podium one day!

Injuries, tell me about it

Skiing is not an indulgent sport and I understood that from two bad falls (in 2008 and 2013) when I suffered knee injuries. During the 2014/2015 season, my left knee was injured again with another torn cruciate ligament… This was starting to get on my nerves! Still, I was back on my skis in September 2015 in order to start a new season at the highest level! Being back is difficult but the excitement of the victories beats the fear of the injury!

An unwavering will

I worked on my physical abilities within the federal structure and I had already decided to work with Karine Edouard, my mental coach, a few years ago. I prepared for the major milestones with her, I learnt how to make the right decisions that will help me overcome the rhythm of the seasons, the pressure of important dates, the stress of race starts and the different physical and mental pressures.

My family… my strength !

It is important for a female professional athlete to know you are surrounded by people you can trust, especially when you spend most of your time on the road. I have always relied on my father to manage my business, on my brother Christian and my mother who are always proud of me. My grandparents take care of me just as angels would, they give me confidence and make me even stronger. I married Thomas this year and I know he is always here to support me, and he is also very active within my Fan Club.