The end of long period of worries and pain…

After months and months of work, rehabilitation, physical workouts, appointments with doctors and surgeons, hours of mental coaching and physiotherapy, after days without really feeling like getting back on my feet, with lots of worries, I’m now certain that I’m not ready for my competitive ski journey to be over, and that the best is yet to come.

These tough times taught me a lot about listening to my body and how to manage it. I also took time to analyse our work methods in order to figure out what works and what is less effective for me. This will now help me make the right decisions and be in control of myself. Many mistakes were made in the past and now I know how to manage myself in order to avoid repeating them. Of course zero risk does not exist, but with hard work and perseverance, I have stacked the odds in my favour in order to reach my goal.

Today, thanks to the exceptional work of Olivier Pedron (physical coach specialising in post-injury training) and Karine Edouard (mental coach) who has accompanied me during this whole rehabilitation phase, I was finally able to put my skis back on last Sunday in Saas Fee with flawless motivation and ambition. The weather was perfect and the snow was great. This was fantastic!

Following the Fan Club’s party on Saturday 26th September, I will go back to training with the men’s technical group while the girls will still be in Ushuaïa. This will allow me to see something else and work in a different way. All of this will be extremely interesting for my technique and my vision of skiing.

To conclude, I would like to thank my sponsors, who support me through thick and thin. A BIG THANK YOU in particular to the Les Gets ski resort, the French Customs team, the Rossignol staff, and the Somfy company for their trust. I am thus writing these few lines with great satisfaction and optimism, and I will meet you again very soon around a finish line!