Adeline Baud ski alpin

A complicated but reasonable decision…

I will not be the only one missing the Sölden start this year. We have seen throughout the summer season, even yesterday with the example of Anna Fenninger, that injuries are extremely common for many, for too many.

I myself am now on my third knee injury. The rehabilitation of a third knee injury is different from the first one. You learn to know yourself, to listen to yourself and to be wise. Even after all the hard work it has taken to get back to the highest level as quickly as possible, I want to take my time. I want to take care of myself, not rush anything and be back at 200%.

Too often, we want to rush the schedule, skip steps and we end up paying the price sooner or later. I can no longer play with my body which has already been traumatised, I need to take into account my past and my history in order to move forward serenely. Even if times of injury are what us skiers dread the most, they do bring us a lot in terms of maturity and getting to know ourselves. And now it is important to know how to use it.

The decision has been wisely taken not to run the race this weekend. I will quietly continue my preparation starting Monday. I will get back to Tignes in order to prepare my return at the Levi slalom on November 14th.

A thousand thanks to all those who left me messages of sympathy and encouragement, a thousand thanks to my staff who know how to take care of me for my return.