Boulie Adeline Mugnier

In my childhood, I was often told that my dream was too big, that high performance sport was out of reach. I have overcome many obstacles throughout my career, made a lot of sacrifices but today I can say I was lucky to live the dream all the way and that I’m proud of all that was achieved.

I might not be Olympic champion but I still had the chance to live intense moments that are not within everyone’s reach. Making it into the worldwide circuit, starry-eyed. Living the Olympic Games madness twice but above all, winning rounds in giant or in slalom, becoming world champion in teams, suffering three knee injuries and still making it into the worldwide TOP 15 rank. Since 2008, I spent years dedicated to the pursuit of performance, making these moments as precious as unforgettable. A carrier marked by joyful moments, times of sharing as much as great disappointments as was this morning of january 2nd 2019 when my fourth injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) occurred. One too many ?

After this new hard hit, I was often said “You’ll keep on right? You have to !”. All I can say today is no, I don’t “have to” and for my physical integrity I sadly have to let this go. I tried though, but after only three days of training my knee quickly led me to understand that I was making a mistake and that coming back at 100% of my capacities was just not an option anymore. When your body says no… 

After eleven years within the federation fully dedicated to high performance sport, it is time for me to announce my retirement as an athlete. Needless to say this is not the end I was hoping for but not everything can be controlled. We sometimes have to accept reality and learn to make harsh decisions. The most important thing to me is to be able to leave without regrets. I gave the best of myself at a great cost.

In this life adventure, I had the chance to visit the most beautiful resorts alongside my teammates who became friends in the long run. I was also lucky to meet wonderful people. A human experience so rewarding that it would be hard to thank everyone.

What would I have done without the undying support of my family ? Although skiing is known as an individual sport, I felt that I lived through my career backed up by a unique strength, a neverending moral support on a daily basis, behind every start gate, every victory, every defeat. I could have never made it without them. Once again, it would be hard to thank everyone who deserves it but my heart goes to my husband, my parents, my brother. A very special thought for my dad who’s been holding my hand  from my first turns on the snow. Some said I was his proud and joy but in the end I’m the one blessed to have such a great dad and family.

“Going through life, you’ll need three major qualities : humility not to feel superior to others, courage to overcome any situation, and wisdom to remain silent facing the stupidity of some.” Karine E.,  I’ll make this quote mine today and thank you for everything.


I want to thank my resort, Les Gets, for their undying support along my career as well as the federation who’s put up with me for the past 11 years. A warm thank you to my partners at the Douanes who always believed in me, to Uvex, Head, Effinov, Komperdell, Rossignol, the  Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Mojocom, JM Baud, the ski club and the ESF Les Gets.

Finally, I have a special thought for all the people that took part in my fan club from day one, and all of you who showed support and appreciation whether on social media or on the races.

THANK YOU, truly and never give up on your dreams ad big as they may be.

I’ll see you soon along the paths of live !